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How to turn your company reports into Excel files with Parsel

Company reports contain some of the most valuable data for businesses, yet that information is often locked away in PDFs, making it difficult to analyse in-depth. With Parsel's unrivalled accuracy on financial data, extracting that data is much easier than you might think.

Company reports can come in many forms. Earnings reports, balance statements, financials, ...

October 13, 2021 Ian Watt

How Parsel converts PDFs to Excel without software

As a fully online service, Parsel doesn't require any software download or installation. Simply sign up, drag and drop your files and extract your PDF data from the convenience of your browser. In this post, we explain how Parsel is able to convert PDFs to Excel without software.<...

August 31, 2021 Andrew Johnson

PDF invoice data extraction made simple with Parsel

Simply drag and drop your PDF invoices into Parsel and let our technology analyse, identify and extract your invoice data into the filetype of your choice in minutes.

Though we've blogged previously about Parsel's best-in-class ability to extract and convert PDF data to Excel, we haven't discussed the specific use cases that our extraction technology can b...

July 19, 2021 Andrew Johnson