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How To Extract Data From International Invoices With Parsel

PDF Invoice Data Extraction On An International Scale

As an accounts Payable Clerk/specialist dealing with business on an international scale, reviewing invoices against purchase orders and ensuring proper processing is a crucial part of managing cash flow and supplier accounts.

Organisation is a must, and attention to detail is paramount throughout the entire process, from receiving the invoices and extracting invoice data, to verifying information and approving and archiving payments.

During busy periods, you could be processing up to 50 invoices per day. The manual task of extracting data from PDF invoices and entering them accurately into your accounting system is not only time consuming, but prone to human error - which can have serious impact on statement reconciliations. It goes without saying that invoice data entry is, in fact, one the most tedious tasks - as voted by finance departments.

What’s more, if you do business overseas, you’ll likely be processing commercial and VAT invoices that are not all created equal. Handling different invoice formats, is one of the key pain points in international invoice management.

Fortunately, Parsel’s data capture solution supports English, continental and international number formatting. This allows users to automate their PDF invoice data extraction, irrespective of the number format, with no model training or guidance required.

And, benchmarked at 96.6% accuracy on numerical data - higher than any other invoice extraction tool on the market right now - you can trust that Parsel’s extracted data will contain less errors, and require less time making corrections in your IT system.

And did we mention security? Parsel encrypts your documents from the moment you upload it, all the way until you download your desired output. All files processed by Parsel are transmitted and stored securely in a private and closed-off virtual environment.

Automate Your PDF Invoice Data Extraction With Parsel

1. Sign up for a free account on Parsel

To extract data from PDF invoices quickly and easy, sign up for a free account with your email address at Parsel.ai.

2. Specify Number format

Once you've activated your account,  log in and select your default document number format. (You can change this later from your Profile settings).

3. Drag and drop your international invoice

Next, upload your PDF invoice via our simple drag and drop file uploader.

4. And Voila, Download your Excel file

Once Parsel has analysed, identified and extracted the data in your PDF, it'll convert your data to Excel and JSON in minutes.

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