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How to turn your company reports into Excel files with Parsel

Company reports contain some of the most valuable data for businesses, yet that information is often locked away in PDFs, making it difficult to analyse in-depth. With Parsel's unrivalled accuracy on financial data, extracting that data is much easier than you might think.

Company reports can come in many forms. Earnings reports, balance statements, financials, performance statistics and much more. These documents contain some of the most valuable information for businesses around the world. And yet, so often these reports are saved in relatively inaccessible formats like PDF.

As mentioned in our previous blog, Excel is still the data analysis tool of choice for many. It's no small wonder, then, that businesses invest huge amounts of money and time on data extraction from documents. But, when it comes to financial documents, it really boils down to one thing: accuracy.

The pain of data extraction

Financial documents in particular are a consistent pain point for many. Tables, charts and numerical data aren't easy to manually extract, and most out-of-the-box data extraction tools struggle to identify and extract the data accurately when converting from PDF to Excel.

Fortunately, Parsel was built specifically to analyse complex financial datasets such as company earnings, balance sheets and more. In fact, we benchmarked Parsel's extraction accuracy for financial documents at 96.6% - higher than any other tool on the market.

Who needs this data?

Company financial reports are hugely valuable. As such, people at all levels of an organisation need this data. From the administrative assistant manually entering the data into the company's own systems, to the CEO assessing company sales and performance.

The uses for this data are many and varied, but it all hinges on one thing: quick, easy and accurate data extraction from documents. With our unrivalled accuracy and being fully online, Parsel offers just that.

Using Parsel to extract this data

1. Sign up for a free account on Parsel

To convert your company reports to Excel quickly and easy, sign up for a free account with your email address at Parsel.ai.

2. Drag and drop your company report

Log in to your account where you upload your PDF company report into our drag and drop file uploader. Then sit back and let Parsel do the rest.

3. Download your Excel file

Once Parsel has analysed, identified and extracted the data in your PDF, it'll convert your data to Excel (.xlsx) in minutes.

Join the many businesses who use Parsel

Unlike other apps, we've taken the hassle out of data extraction. We don't ask you to select a page range or target areas in your PDF - Parsel does all that for you. Our technology analyses, identifies and extracts your data all on its own; it's simple, fast and efficient.

And with superior accuracy born from rigorous extraction of complex financial datasets, there's far fewer issues recognising table column and row headers - meaning less time for you spent making manual corrections.

To start converting your company reports to Excel today, sign up for free here.