Automated Data Extraction. Unrivalled Accuracy.

Save time with automated data entry.
Harness AI to extract data from documents in minutes.
Export directly to your business applications.

Smart data extraction
for smart businesses

Extract table data

Financial reports, bank statements, contact lists and more - extract valuable data trapped in your PDF documents.

Capture form field data

Purchase orders, HR forms, payroll and more - get all the information you need from your business forms.

Unrivalled accuracy

Built for and tested on financial datasets, we're benchmarked at 96.6% output accuracy - higher than any other extraction tool.

Smart data detection

Advanced OCR and AI technology identifies the data in your documents automatically, so you don't have to.

Fully automated

Save hours of time by automating your data extraction process from start to finish, and enjoy data entry to output in minutes.

Workflow integration

Integrate Parsel's extraction technology directly into your business workflows via our customisable API.

How it works


You upload your documents

Upload your unstructured documents via drag and drop interface on our web application or directly into our Enterprise API.

Drag and drop feature

We identify & extract the data

Advanced AI and OCR work in tandem to identify data in your documents automatically, and extract it in minutes.

Example document

You export your files

Export as ready-to-use Excel, JSON or Text files, or send your data directly to your business applications via API.

Example dataset

Unlock the value of financial documents

Take advantage of unrivalled accuracy when extracting important company information.

Balance sheets

Balance sheets

Extract vital business data into spreadsheets to track changes over time.

Income statements

Income statements

Pull revenue and expenses data and export it directly into your reporting structures.

Cash flow statements

Cash flow statements

Extract company cash flow information for use in your own financial forecasting.

API integration

Send data directly to your business applications

Integrate our API with your systems to streamline data entry and send data outputs directly into your business applications - without disrupting your workflows.

API integration

Unrivalled accuracy

Boost efficiency with data exports you can trust

Parsel is benchmarked at 96.6% accuracy on financial documents - more than any other tool on the market - so you can trust your data to contain less errors and require less corrections.

Unrivalled accuracy

Fully automated

Save time with automated data extraction

Cut out costly manual processes with a fully automated solution. Simply connect to our API and let our AI automatically identify and extract your data, in minutes.

Export as
Fully automated

Fully encrypted

Store your data securely, ready for when you need it

We encrypt your documents from point of upload to point of download in your desired output. All files are processed and stored securely in transit and in your own private virtual environment.

Fully encrypted


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